Flava’s Groove Listening Party Vol.46

Welcome to Flava’s Lounge for Flava’s Groove Listening Party….1 hour of Great Indie Music from Around The World.

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the flava of some wonderful indie artists.

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I’m always looking for new music to play, maybe it will be yours…

1) Artist Name…2) Location…3) Artist Bio…4) High Quality Recorded MP3’s

The Musical Flava you will hear on this show, came from some very Talent Indie Artists from Around the Globe:

1) Anthony Wade Sr- Two Snaps

2) Chris Jasper- The Way You Love Me

3) Terrie Rimson- Date Night

4) Petawane- I’ll Give You My Heart

5) Avana Christie- You Touch Your Love

6) Toni Hill- Only Love 

7) Anthony Martin- You’ve Got Me

8) Brian Christopher- Just How You Feel

9) Colie Williams- In and Out of Love

10) D Millz- So Glad We Met

11) Jonathan Winstead- Sexy Lady Love

12) Marc VanClaggett- Never Meant To 

13) Matt Cusson- Life A Lover

14) Monica Monet- Love Changes